We Set The Standard For Quality In Private Investment Performance Data


Institutional-quality screen on funds seeks to represent investors’ opportunity set

Complete Cash Flow and NAV History

Quarterly cash flows and NAVs for every fund and investment in our dataset allowing for the calculation of the full suite of performance metrics for any sample

Balanced Sourcing

Balanced and managed data sourcing: performance reporting client data supplemented with large scale, and systematic programs to enhance coverage and deepen granularity


Final updated performance data available for the full dataset on quarterly basis with three-four month lag with “preliminary” performance data available three-five weeks earlier than final data

High Quality

Do not use ANY of the following sources: Freedom-of-Information-type requests, public data sources, or self-reported manager surveys; dataset’s fund turnover (survivorship) less than 1% per year

Information and Insight

Data is shaped by input from Cambridge Associates’ experienced group of full-time private investment research and investment professionals based on the firm’s nearly 40 years of experience in private investments

Build Benchmarks Customized To Your Portfolio

Filter our data along the following criteria and use our custom-weighted Optica Benchmarks tool to create benchmarks that match your portfolio.

  • Vintage Year
  • Fund Size
  • Asset Class & Strategy
  • Geographic Focus
  • Industry Focus
  • Fund Status
  • Fund Performance
  • Fund Quartile
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Optica Benchmarks tracks over 6,400 funds across geographic regions and asset classes

Fund Count by Geography

As of March 31, 2016

Fund Count by Asset Class

As of March 31, 2016

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