Benchmark with Ease and Confidence

We’re investors too. Having successfully navigated the private markets for more than 40 years, we know that benchmark composition, data quality, and consistency matter. Data in Optica Benchmarks is built bottoms-up from cash flows sourced directly from GP financial statements. With nearly 90 private investment specialists driving the benchmarks process, from classifying funds to helping clients determine benchmark composition, Cambridge Associates’ private investment benchmarks are the industry standard.


Deep Dataset, Customized Analysis

When selecting a benchmark, depth of coverage matters. Matching investment style and risk profile does too. We have you covered. Optica Benchmarks delivers a growing dataset of over 6,400 funds and 73,000 company investments, expertly categorized across 12 asset classes, 16 industries, and 73 discrete geographies – including over 1,200 country and state-specific funds. Benchmarks can be further customized and analyzed by over 200 metrics, including vintage year, fund size, currency, and public market equivalents (PME).


Powerful, Intuitive Technology

Saving you precious time, Optica Benchmarks makes it easy to run and export benchmarks and analytics on the fly. It’s web-based and built for use on a desktop or tablet. No frustrating software installation is required.

Globally Recognized Benchmarks Investors Trust

Cambridge Associates’ private investment benchmark statistics reports and the Optica Benchmarks application are extensively used by the investment community. Over 430 pensions, nonprofits, and private families subscribe to Optica Benchmarks to support their private investment benchmarking, research, due diligence, and performance measurement needs. Nearly 10,000 investment professionals receive Cambridge Associates’ publicly released benchmark statistics quarterly.

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