What is Optica Peers?

  • Optica Peers is Cambridge Associates’ proprietary web-based application that allows users to query a variety of investment-related data for a broad range of US endowments and foundations.
  • Our database is populated by more than 400 institutions, including more than 100 portfolios with assets greater than $1 billion.
  • The Optica Peers application is available only to participating clients. But, all CA clients have access to our Pool Returns Snapshot (a high-level summary of universe statistics), and our “Endowments Quarterly” report (summary level data and commentary on performance drivers of our performance universe).

Participation in, and access to, the Optica Peers universe is currently limited to US-based nonprofit organizations. Data for organizations outside the US or US pension or private clients are currently not available through the Optica Peers application.

Peer Data Screenshot

Optica Peers Includes the Following
For current and historical time periods

Investment portfolio asset allocation and policy target allocations

Nominal and real returns

Spending rates and returns after spending

Risk-return metrics such as standard deviations and Sharpe ratios

Participating In Optica Peers: How It Works

Data Updated Quarterly

Subscribers can view Optica Peers for a quarterly reporting cycle approximately nine to ten weeks after quarter-end

For example, data for the March 31 reporting cycle will be available during the first ten days of June


Advanced Security

All investor-specific data is either password protected or coded to protect participating institutions’ sensitive information

For printed reports, code keys are available, only to participants, allowing them to link an institution to its specific information

By default, one designated contact at each participating institution has access to Optica Peers, but participants may request licenses for additional investment office staff

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