Investment Office Challenges

  • The investment landscape is constantly changing
  • There are thousands of fund managers investing in tens of thousands of strategies and products
  • New managers and strategies are emerging all the time
  • These managers are located and investing across the globe

In this increasingly complex environment, it is difficult and expensive for even the best-resourced investment offices to identify and diligence the best ideas for their portfolio

Cambridge Associates’ Optica Research platform can help

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What Is Optica Research?

Global Research and Diligence

Access to an Experienced Investment Professional

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Access to Other Valuable CA Research & Data

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The Optica Research Advantage

Access four decades of manager research, diligence, and experience

Link your office to CA’s global resources: it’s like adding 150 research professionals to your team

Leverage proprietary information and insights across all asset classes—delivered online and via an experienced investment professional

Access the same information CA’s teams use to build sophisticated diversified portfolios for our clients

Power Your Investment Office With Optica Research

1. Make efficient use of your investment office’s limited time, budget, and resources

2. Develop more confidence in your investment decisions

3. Better understand the risks in your portfolio

4. Identify potential issues early

5. Access the information you need in one place in a timely manner

The Optica Research Service

Service Public Investments
Optica Research
Private Investments
Optica Research
(Hedge fund and long-only opportunities) (Venture capital, private equity strategies, and real assets)
Coverage 3,600+ Managers 3,000+ Managers
CA Global Research Platform
Screening and Qualitative Research
Investment Due Diligence Library
and ongoing research
Operational Due Diligence Library
and ongoing research
Data, Analytics and Reporting
Access to an Experienced Investment Professional
Performance Monitoring and Reporting on: 50 Public Investments 100 Partnerships
CA Private Investments Optica Benchmarks
CA Market Research Publications
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